coffee & bag 01 - Yosuke Yamauchi


山内庸資 (Yosuke Yamauchi)——日籍插畫設計師、生於京都,現居神戶。山内作品常見於日本各類出版物,如書籍、雜誌或小冊子等等。日本以外,山內近年亦活躍於其它亞洲地區包括台灣、韓國及香港。 - 這次 openground 找來山内為我們的自家咖啡品牌「coffee&bag」,繪製一套三款以咖啡結合音樂為概念的掛耳包插畫設計。


Yosuke Yamauchi is a Japanese illustrator. He was born in Kyoto and currently based in Kobe. His works are widely published in Japanese publications including books, magazines and brochures. In recent times Yosuke also actively involved in many projects in Asian regions including Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.
openground has collaborated with Yosuke to design a series of three illustrations for ‘coffee&bag’ — a new house blend drip bag produced by openground, with the concept theme of blending good coffee with good music.