Design 360 n.88


Design 360° - No.88
Today's Korean Design  |  今日韓國設計
近年來,不少人會隱約有這樣的感覺:韓國彷彿在一不留神間,成為了亞洲「突如其來」又不容小覷的設計力量。想要在一期雜誌欄目裡完整描述一個國家的設計生態是極其困難的,當編者竭盡所能地尋找切入點,會發現就連串聯所找到的片段也是相當不易。我們曾企圖對韓國設計的領域或者議題進行劃分,譬如新媒介與技術的使用、女性主義的討論、西方設計語言所帶來的影響……但最終發現歸類是一種徒勞——因為我們所尋找的採訪者是如此個性迥異,無法被分類和定義 。韓國設計師「玩樂」平面設計的態度與韓國年輕一代所展現出的生猛、鮮活的姿態,是編者認為在當下韓國設計景象中尤為突出一面,也是本期雜誌的側重和13位受訪設計師的展示所在。
In recent years, many people may have a vague feeling: in an unguarded moment, South Korea has become Asia’s “suddenly arising” and important design force. It is extremely difficult to completely describe a country’s design ecology in an issue of the magazine column. We found that even the selected segments are quite difficult to be linked together. The attempt to divide the domain or topics for discussion of Korean design turns out to be in vain — because the interviewers we’re looking for have such unique personalities that are hard to classify and define. Such a “fun-having” attitude in graphic design has given the younger Korean designers a vibrate, vivid image, which we consider the most prominent trait of the current Korean design scene. Therefore we had made it the focus of this issue, and of all our interviews with 13 designers.