A Celebration of Women in Design Today

《DESIGN{H}ERS》以彰顯女性在各自領域 所帶來的獨特和多樣性,是跨越各種設計 媒介嶄露頭角及令人驚嘆的展示。此書 結合引人注目及知名人物的故事,激發了 未來的創造力。

「近年一直為世界各地的女性鼓舞, 儘管要達到真正的平等,我們還有 很長的路要走。」

– viction:ary
DESIGN{H}ERS is a stunning showcase of up-and-coming talent spanning across a variety of design mediums to highlight the distinction and diversity that women bring to their respective elds. Coupled with compelling stories revolving around the journeys of luminaries who have already made their mark, this book serves to intrigue and inspire the creatives of the future.

‘Although there is still a long way to go until we reach true equality, the last few years have been encouraging for women around the world.’
– viction:ary

Publisher: viction:ary
Design & Author: viction:ary
Size: 185 × 250mm
272 pages