Peter Saville: Editions (2020)

Peter Saville: Editions

Peter Saville 是當今最重要的英國平面設計師 及藝術總監之一,他於 70 年代後期參與很多 唱片封套設計,其中最著名的當時他為唱片品牌《Factory Records》Joy Division 與 New Order 設計唱片封套。《Peter Saville: Editions》紀錄了他與倫敦著名 畫廊 Paul Stolper Gallery 於 2003 至 2018 年 十六年間發表的限量藝術創作。該出版物以 限量版和珍藏版配以書套出版,包括個人創作 與跨界合作,此畫冊也是由他擔任書籍設計。

Peter Saville is one of the most important British graphic designers and art directors working today, he first came to prominence in the late 1970s when he designed the many record sleeves for Factory Records most notably for Joy Division and New Order. Peter Saville: Editions brings together, for the first time, every one of his limited edition artworks produced between 2003 and 2018, in collaboration with London Paul Stolper Gallery in the past 16 years. The publication, produced in both limited edition and collectors edition formats, includes two volumes, one of his solo work and collaborative works. The two books are designed by Saville himself and presented in a slipcase.

Publisher: Paul Stolper Gallery
Design & Author: Peter Saville
Size: 214 × 280mm
158 pages
Paperback with slipcase