The Joy of … Red Packet








「THE JOY OF…」 禮封既是紅封包也是心意咭,讓你填上滿滿的喜悅,盛載無限的祝福,送予親友。


Happiness is subjective.

A fleeting moment of joy can come anywhere, anytime.


We would like you to fill your life with joy and define your context of happiness in your own words.


Through the usage of different colours, forms, papers and stickers, designer took abstract forms of flowers and plants as design concept. They signify the true source of happiness and variables of life-satisfaction.


“The Joy of…” is more than a red packet set — gifting your blessings of happiness to loved ones.


Size (box): 189 (W) x 132 (H) x 40 (D) mm

Size (red packet): 90 (W) x 120 (H) mm

Quantity: 24pcs/Box (plus stickers)

Net weight: 268g


Produced by @papermomentshk 

Design & Creative Direction - @studiowmw @sunnywmw


Paper: ARTouchCoronado sstESSEElationGraffiti DiamondGraffiti SmoothGraffiti TouchGraffiti WoodRAWRoyal SundanceSunshineTypographiaUV/Ultra II

Special effect: foil stamping, embossing