Yuen Yeung 鴛鴦


Yuen Yeung 《鴛鴦》

Hong Kong Coffee and Tea Houses


Yuen Yeung is a book that examines twenty-five coffee shops and tea houses through an architectural lens and design perspectives. The spaces are sequenced from small to large, revealing the design ideas behind Hong Kong’s diverse cafe culture. 


The book began as an in-house research project featuring original interviews, illustrations, and photography. The editorials introduces seven disciplines that contribute to the art of cafe design, and reflect the growing nuance within coffee shops and tea houses of Hong Kong today. 


Published by Building Narrative 

Edited by Jeffrey Cheng

Art direction and book design by Milkxhake (Javin Mo, Wai-Hon Chan)


Size: 120w x 170h(mm)

Pages: 208pp